Apple Rutabaga Slaw

Rutabaga Apple Slaw

This is a delicious, crunchy, crispy salad that’s full of flavor. To make it I peeled and chopped one rutabaga into small chunks. I also chopped up 4 cups of cabbage and 1/2 cup of red onion. I salted these lightly and let rest for 2 hours. Then I added 2 granny smith apples, the juice of one fresh lemon, 1 TBSP of walnut oil and 1/4 tsp of cayenne and a bit of pepper to taste.

Strong flavors from rutabaga, apples, onions and cayenne all provide earthiness, sweetness, and heat and are balanced beautifully by the cabbage. It’s even better the next day. This makes about 6 large servings.


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