Lemon & Garlic Roasted Chicken

Roast Chicken

This is an easy, delicious Roast Chicken recipe I use. After the chicken is roasted, I removed the meat and skin and use the carcass and the onions in the bottom to make a chicken broth for soup.  The roasting primes to bones so that the broth is tasty and rich.

To start, preheat your onion to 425° Fahrenheit.

Take one big yellow onion (or two small) and slice onions about 1/4 inch thick and cover the bottom of your roasting pan with the onions.

Wash the chicken with cold running water. Remove giblets and neck bone from the inside and set aside to use for your broth. Pat dry and lay on top of the onions. They will soak up the drippings as the chicken roasts and be rich in flavor.

Take 4 garlic cloves, peel them and crush them using the side of a knife. Cut a lemon in half and shove two cloves in each half of the lemon.

Normally I take a TBSP of butter, mix it with some thyme, salt and pepper and rub it all over the skin, but I am short on butter, so I used 1 TBSP of bacon fat I had saved instead. In actually added a real Wow! bit of flavor to the roasted chicken’s skin.

Roast in the oven about 1.5 hours or until the inner temperature is 160°.

The lemon and garlic infuse the meat with a delicate flavor. And frankly, after using saved bacon fat to grease the outside of the skin this once, I know I will use it again. It adds a rich, deep flavor. The onions are so delicious it will be hard to save them for the broth, but it’s worth it. Still, you should sneak one slice of onion just because.

This makes multiple servings, not only of roast chicken, but leftover chicken for salads and casseroles. Additionally the carcass will produce 2 -3 quarts of chicken broth.







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