Bacon & Kale Breakfast Burrito

Bacon Kale Breakfast Burrito

Ah, the breakfast burrito. When I used to work in downtown Portland, I was a connoisseur of the food cart breakfast burrito. Of course, buying flour tortillas at the grocery store, we don’t get those huge tortillas for those huge burritos. A home cook making a burrito is just going to have to focus on the filling, not the wrapping. This filling is powered by the magic of bacon.

Take two slices of bacon and cut into fourths. Start frying the bacon on medium heat. Cut a slice of yellow onion and chop it up, making about 1 TBSP of chopped onion and add to the bacon as soon as there’s a bit of grease cooked out. Let cook until nearly done and drain, leaving just a bit of bacon grease to cook the kale.

Meanwhile, on a large, ungreased pan or griddle, lay down your burrito and spread some about 1 oz of shredded pepper jack chease on it. Let cook on low so the cheese begins to melt.

While the bacon is cooking, clean and chop up on leaf of kale, removing the rib. Chop as fine as you can. I like to roll the leaf up like a cigarette and then chiffonade the kale and then chop the thin ribbons of kale.

Add the kale to the bacon and cook for about three minutes, until it just starts to get tender. Add one or two eggs, depending on your preference and scramble in. By the time your eggs are done, the cheese should have melted so you can wrap up your burrito. For me, I spread the stuffing closer to one side, roll up that one side and then tuck in the edges and roll the rest of the way, but I am no expert at rolling a burrito.

I love the earthiness that the kale adds and of course, everything tastes better with bacon.

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