Fresh Asparagus Salad


I took six almonds, cut them in half and toasted on a small dry skillet on medium high heat for about 5 minutes or so. I shook the skillet frequently so they toasted on all sides.

I got out my bowl and fixed the salad right in the serving bowl. I gathered 8 stalks of fresh asparagus, parmesan cheese, a lemon and olive oil, salt and pepper.

Taking my vegetable peeler, I held the root end of the asparagus and ran the peeler down the asparagus, making thin ribbons. I sliced up three asparagus this way, put the ribbons in my bowl and, using the peeler, peeled off three thin sliced of parmesan cheese. Then I did it again with the remaining three asparagus, added a few more thin pieces of parmesan. I cut the lemon in half and squeezed some juice from one half and poured on about 1 tsp of olive oil. Added a bit of salt and pepper and tossed the toasted almonds on top. That was it. It’s got a fabulously bright and fresh springtime flavor and the toasted almonds and parmesan ground it with a bit of earthiness.




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