Black Bean Lasagna

Black Bean Lasagna

This was an easy recipe that came together unintentionally. I had planned to make some cod with zucchini and had tossed some onions in with olive oil and when I opened the veggie drawer to get the zucchni noticed that one tiny corner of a jalapeño pepper had begun to turn, so decided to make something with that instead. I grabbed the pepper, cut off the bad corner, diced and tossed it in with the onion. I pulled out a sweet red pepper and added that. Then I added a couple cans of black beans, salt and pepper and it all simmer. I started heating the oven to 350°.

I remembered I had some lasagna noodles so I cooked up about 12 of them, boiling them in water for 8 minutes. While that was cooking, I shredded about 1 cup or so of pepper jack cheese.

In a baking dish, I layered the lasagna noodles, then the black beans, a sprinkling of cheese, lasagna noodles, a thin layer of frozen corn with about 1/4 cup of sour cream spread over it, noodles, the remainder of the black beans and noodles again. I put it in the oven to bake at 350°. While it baked I grated some parmesan cheese, about 1/2 cup and sprinkled it on top when the lasagna was nearly done, letting it bake for a few minutes until browned.

I let it rest before cutting to serve. It’s spicy, hearty and delicious. It’s drier than most lasagnas, but then I like that.

Black Bean Lasagna

As you can see, it’s rather rustic. You could chop the vegetable much finer for a more refined dish, but this was delicious as it is. This makes 8 servings which was perfect as I had company.


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    • I would all a little sour cream, or perhaps some sliced tomatoes. I would not add salsa as it would be too much spice for it. A tomato paste could work as well. Actually, it might really be nice to make a little aioli and add that – stirring some crushed, minced garlic into some mayonnaise. It depends on what flavor profile you want to elevate.

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