Torsk & Roasted Green Beans

Torsk with Roasted Green Beans

This is the easiest thing in the world to make. I picked up these fabulous fresh green beans at the Farmers Market. I snapped the vine ends off and then sprinkled them with some olive oil and kosher salt before roasting at 450 degrees. As soon as I put them in the oven, I took a frozen arctic cod fillet from the oven and in a non-stick skillet at medium heat, I placed 1 tbsp of butter and just put the frozen fillet right on top of that. I put a cover on the pan and let it cook ten minutes. I turned it over and grated fresh nutmeg on top and put the lid back on. In five minutes everything was done. I grated a bit more fresh nutmeg on top just before serving with the butter I cooked it in and the green beans on the side.

I know many of you have never tried nutmeg on fish – you have no idea how perfectly it complements the subtle fish flavor, giving it just a tiny bite and a bit of tang.


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