Bacon & Spinach Wilted Salad

Bacon & Spinach Wilted Salad

I chopped up three slices of pepper bacon into half inch pieces and cooked them in an iron skillet on medium heat for about three minutes. Meanwhile, I sliced an onion and diced it up fine and added to the bacon and let them cook. While they were cooking away, I minced 4 cloves of garlic – a lot, but I wanted this nice and garlicky. I tossed the garlic in and let it cook until everything was caramelizing nicely.

While that was cooking away, I washed a bunch of spinach, squeezed as much water out as I cut and chopped it up. I tossed it the skillet, turning and mixing quickly while it wilted. I removed from heat and squeezed the juice of a full lemon in and mixed it all up. The flavor had so many layers, the earthy flavor of the spinach, the tang of garlic, the sweet bite of onion with the fresh bright lemon. This is quick, easy and delicious.


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