Lemon Brown Butter on Mushroom Ravioli with Lamb Sausage Burger and Salad

There were Fresh Mushroom Ravioli discounted at Nature’s so I picked up a package and decided that something so delicious needed a sauce that showcased the flavor of the ravioli instead of struggling with it for dominance. For almost anything that you know has that rich, fresh flavor of good food and good ingredients, brown butter is a perfect foil and it’s about as easy as anything to make.

For this meal, I started water boiling for the ravioli and put the lamb sausage burger on the skillet. The burger is prepared by the butcher at Nature’s and they’re very tasty and I always pick up one or two when they are on sale. When the water began to boil, I added the ravioli and flipped the burger.

Fresh pasta cooks quickly so I immediately went to work on the salad. I tore some red butter lettuce leaves, tossed on a tablespoon or so of feta and a bit of Greek Vinaigrette salad dressing. I added some tasty olives on the side and the pasta was done. I drained it in a colander and using the pan I made it in (because it is light in color, not dark) I tossed 2 TBSP of butter in for the Brown Butter.

All brown butter consists of is butter than you cook until it browns – about 1.5 minutes for a small amount like this. You swirl the butter constantly so it doesn’t separate too much. When it’s brown it will have a lovely hazelnut flavor. However, I wanted to lighten it up a bit so I squeezed half a lemon in the butter. Then I put the ravioli back in the pan and swirled it around. The burger was done, so everything wrapped up together perfectly.


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