Chicken Fricassee and Manakish


I heated the oven to 425 and rolled  out three small rounds of store bought whole wheat pizza dough for the manakish – a vegan, middle-eastern pizza of sorts. I was going to make my own, but saw this on special at Safeway for $1.50 and it’s enough to make 8 individual manakish, so I thought I would try it. I let them rise for 20 minutes while the oven heated. Before popping them in the oven, I poked them with the fork a couple times, put a little olive oil on them (I probably should have used more) and spread some zaatar mix on them. This is homemade zaatar made my a friend of mine from Bangladesh and i don’t have the recipe. However, you can get Zaatar mix at good grocery stores or from Amazon. You can also make your own, which I have done in the past, but you still have to hunt down sumac for the spice. The nice thing about sumac is that not only can you use it in zaatar, but you can also use it on it’s own in beef, lamb, lentils and fish dishes.

After I popped the Manakish in the oven, I put 2 tbsp of white wine in a small saute pan. I added 1/8 of an onion and 1/4 of a jalapeño and two mushrooms all diced quite small. I tossed in a pinch of tarragon. I took some chicken that I pulled from the soup I made last week and chopped it up and added it. I let everything simmer a few minutes, then added a teaspoon of mustard and half of a tomato, diced. I let that cook a little longer.

Removing the manakish after 12 minutes – it was done perfectly. I dished up the fricassee in a bowl and put a manakish on the side to serve. The manakish was so tasty I had seconds. That whole wheat pizza dough was tasty and easy to use.

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