Turkey Hash

I bought a big package of ground turkey because it was on sale and I thought, ground turkey is so much healthier than ground pork. Hmmm, now I have to figure out how to make ground turkey taste like something. Can you tell that turkey is not my favorite meat? The first thing I did was divide the turkey up into meal-sized amounts in little plastic food storage baggies. I ended up with 8 packages with about 5 ounces each.

I had two slices of bacon with some eggs for breakfast and I never throw out my breakfast bacon grease because I know that bacon will make lunch better no matter what I make.  I had half the baby potatoes I can cooked up last night and thought a hash might be good.

So, heating the bacon grease, I tossed in 2 of the packages of ground turkey, about 10 ounces. I added salt, pepper and tarragon. Turkey likes the letter “T” and you can’t go wrong with mixing turkey with turmeric, thyme or tarragon. I wanted a spring zesty flavor, so I went with tarragon. I chopped up one large button mushroom. By large, let’s take that to mean humongous. There were no regular size button mushrooms at the store and one of these mutant mushrooms is about the size of three normal ones. I had to slice and then quarter because the slices were just too big.

I let the turkey and mushrooms cook until mostly done. I know some people like cooking mushrooms very lightly. I like cooking them longer and letting more of their flavor permeate everything. With the meat and mushrooms nearly done, I added the boiled baby red potatoes from last night – cut into quarters and a small handful of fresh green beans, snapped. I put a lid on the hash and let cook a few more minutes to heat the potatoes and green beans through and voila!

I served with the braised red cabbage I made on Saturday. It only gets better every day.

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