Chicken Popovers & Chili Pickled Carrots

I used two popovers, but could use any sandwich bun or bread. The chicken salad was made by mixing together

  1. 1 cup of cooked chicken breast (from when I deboned the fryer I made my soup with)
  2. 2 radished diced into 1/4 inch pieces
  3. 1 TBSP of diced yellow onion
  4. 10 green grapes sliced in half
  5. 1 TBSP of mayonnaise
  6. 1 TBSP of Peach Mango Salsa
  7. 1 TBSP of Balsamic Vinegar
  8. 1/2 tsp of cumin
  9. Salt and Pepper to taste

Mix it all together and let is sit for a couple hours to blend the flavors well, Pile onto the popovers that have been cut open. Yummy!

With it I am serving sliced baby carrots. I reused the vinegar dressing for my cucumber salad that was infused with dried chili peppers. I added the sliced carrots and in a sauce pan brought it to a boil and removed from the heat as soon as it boiled. Parboiling softens it and lets the vinegar penetrate throughout the carrots, pickling the carrot, but doesn’t take away the crunch.

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